Employees of the Next of kin center, will only see the log marked as released information. Their main task is to inform families about the situation. They can register affected persons and their families into the system. When logged in to the next of kin center, you can see a list of all personnel, history, family report and you can create a new affected person.

To register an affected person, click Create affected person, and fill out the form. Select a person type and location in the drop down boxes. Your administrator can create more Person types; see paragraph tags under settings.

Click Save and the affected person will be listed under All personnel.


Clicking on an affected person brings up all the information about this person. You can edit personal data by clicking on the button between Edit and View, which you will find on the black field, to the right of the person's name.

To add family members to an affected person click Add next of kin. Enter the family members name, telephone number, email and relation and click Send.

You can change the relative personal information by clicking Edit, and you delete a relative by clicking Remove.


When next of kin has been added you can keep a log over their incoming messages and the message that was last given to the person concerned. All released information that comes in about the affected person ends up in his/her log, and next of kin can be notified immediately.