Under Team status, you will see the status from the teams that have been invited to the incident. Response status shows whether team members have responded to the invite or not, and if they are logged in. The status is updated by SMS reply, which means that members that receive a notice by text message can respond OK to the text.


You can change the status manually by clicking in the box RESPONSE STATUS, you will see a red box with different status options, click on the right status.


You can send a message to the whole team or individual members of a team. To send a message to an individual, click on the member you want to send a message. The member's personal information, a text box, and previously sent messages will then appear on the right side of the page. Write a message and click Send Message.


To send a message to the entire team click Send message to team which you will find under each team. A new window will open, write the message and click Send.


Teams can take a time out if necessary. To take a time out click on the Timeout button which you will find under each team. A window will then open, write a message and click Start time out.

When a team has been put on a time out it moves to the bottom of the page under a line marked Teams in time out. 


To end a time out click the Timeout button under the team again and then click End time out in the window that opens.