All information that comes in during an incident will be published in the log. You can see who has posted an entry in the log, and the time and date it was recorded. By clicking on an entry, you can see whether anyone has logged on behalf of someone else.


The log is distributed, so everyone can access the same information and it´s available on mobile and PC.


Start writing in the text box at the top of the page to post an entry in the log. While writing you can choose to published the entry as released information, this means that it will be published as confirmed information, and can go out to next of kin. An example would be that an affected person is brought to a hospital. The entry can also be published as a key event, meaning an essential change in the incident, such as the situation is now under control.


Click Post log entry to publish.


Key events are marked with a red star, while Public information is marked with red letters over the entry in question; in addition, the box showing time of entry is red.


Above the main menu, on the left side of the page, you can see the incidents crises level. Emergency Manager may change the crisis level as the situation develops.