When you have created an incident and clicked Done, you will automatically be sent to Call in teams. Here you can inviteLocalRegional and Global team to the incident.

Local team

Local teams are teams that are on a fixed workplace or are local. For example, firefighters at an airport or the fire station in Kopervik. Local teams are in the same group as your user.


Regional team

Regional teams can be called on in crises, but they are not the closest team. Regional teams are teams that are available within the organisation you have access to. That means that they can be in the subgroups under the group your user is in.


Global team

Global teams are teams that are available throughout the organisation. The typical global team can be different types of knowledge teams with expertise in a particular field, leadership teams from different parts of the organisation etc. These can be called in to assist with monitoring the situation if necessary.



Click on a red box with a team's name on to invite the team to an incident. A window will open showing the members of the team you have selected. Click Confirm invitation. Members will then receive a text message and/or an email (depending on which notice is set on users in that teams) with information that an incident has occurred. They will also receive a username and password.

When a team has been invited to an incident the colour of the box changes from red to black.


When all necessary teams have been invited, click GO TO LOG. 


At any given time, you can call in an extra team to an incident. Click Invite team to incident in the menu to the left to call in teams. Teams in black boxes are already called in, while teams in red boxes are available. Click on an available team to invite the team.