When a new incident occurs, it is important to call in teams and get an overview of the situation as soon as possible. ELU is a great tool to help you with everything you need in any situation.


Click Create new event, and fill out the form.


TITLE: Enter the title/name of the situation, what has happened?


SUMMARY: Write a short description of the incident, this message will be sent out to all the teams that are called in.


SELECT LOCATION: Selects between organisational units. The list of organisational units are taken from the user administration and will be limited to the organisational units you have access to.


LOCATION: Enter the exact position of the incident, the address if you have it.


EXERCISE: Ticked out if it's an exercise.


Once you are done filling in the incident, click Done.


After creating the incidentteams must be called in. When you have created an incident and clicked Done, you will automatically be sent to Call in teams. Here you can invite LocalRegional and Global team to the incident.