A team is a group of people put together by a common feature in a given incident. For example, a local fire department, or smoke jumpers from that fire department. Industrial, next of kin center and crisis management may belong to their respective teams.

Local team

Local teams are teams that are on a fixed workplace or are local. For example, firefighters at an airport or the fire station in Kopervik. Local teams are in the same group as your user.


Regional team

Regional teams can be called on in crises, but they are not the closest team. Regional teams are teams that are available within the organisation you have access to. That means that they can be in the subgroups under the group your user is in.


Global team

Global teams are teams that are available throughout the organisation. The typical global team can be different types of knowledge teams with expertise in a particular field, leadership teams from different parts of the organisation etc. These can be called in to assist with monitoring the situation if necessary.


Under Teams, you can see all the teams that are in the different organisations. You can add new team by holding the cursor over the plus sign and click Create new team.


Teams with a warning triangle, as shown in the figure above, are missing a notification text for a text message, email or both. To edit or add new notification text click on the team name and then click Define text for notification as shown in Figure 8. The warning triangle will only be visible if the notification missing the notification text is set on at least one member of a team. So if only email is missing notification text and all members of the team are set to receive a text message when notified of an incident the warning triangle will not be visible, because an email has not been set.


When you click on a team you will see the teams information and its members. You can add new members to a team by holding the cursor over the plus sign and then click Add team members.


Under Team members, you will see the users that are members of your team. You can choose whether a member shall receive text message, email or both for notification. You can change notification by clicking the letter and mobile icon, you will then see a red box labelled Set notification, click on one of the icons to activate or deactivate the notifications.