User administration is divided into two, where you have an overview of organisation units in the left part of the screen and the users/teams (depending on what tab you have selected) in the right part of the screen.


In the user administration, you will have access to groups and users from the level your user is onYour user can see all the groups from the group the user is in and down the organisational tree. A user who is in the top group will, therefore, have access to all the groups and users in the organisation, while a user who is located further down the group hierarchy will only have access to their part of the tree and down.

If you click on an organisational unit you will see its members.

You can add new members/ users to the organisation by holding the cursor over the little red plus sign and then clicking Add new user. Fill out the information requested, set the appropriate roles and click SendThe new user will then appear in the list over all the users.

By double-clicking on a user's first name, you will see all the user details, username and which roles this user have. You can change user details, language and level of access. 

The mobile number listed needs to be verified. Click on the link. The new user receives an SMS with a four digit code. The user has to reply to the SMS by typing the code. 

After the verification, you can send emails or username and password to the user. 

Beneath the user details two black tabs marked Member of teams and Activity in incidents. Open them to reveal the information.

You can move users between the different groups in the organisation. Hold the mouse cursor over the little red plus sign and click Move user. Then, choose the group you want to move the user to.  You need to confirm the action before the change is made.